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E-Hollywood True Stories/Biographies/Documentaries:

24 & Hollywood Squares
Abbott & Costello & Sylvester Stallone Biography
Andy Of Mayberry (with commercials)
Beverly Hillbillies
Bionic Reunion Q & A + Extras (2015) ~ 1 DVD
Brady Bunch
Charlie Chaplin Biography
Child Star The Shirley Temple Story
Desperate Housewives
Donald Trump 2016 Biography / Documentary
E! True Story Diana Ross
Family Feud/The Price is Right
Farrah Fawcett/Janet Jackson (with commercials-both shows)
Gimmie A Break
Happy Days
Heather Locklear
Home Improvement
Hugh Hefner/Chris Farley
I Dream of Jeannie & Mysteries and Scandals Buddy Holly
I Love Lucy
John Ritter Biography
John Wayne Documentary
Judy Garland and Harry Houdini ~ 1 dvd
Last Days of Elvis
Lisa Marie Presley
Marilyn Monroe the Untold Story
Married With Children Reunion/Where Are They Now
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Mysteries & Scandals Alfalfa & the little rascals, Florence Ballard,
Mysteries & Scandals Betty Davis, Bugsy Siegel, Errol Flynn
Mysteries & Scandals Vincent Price + Biography
Mysteries and Scandals
O.J. Simpson The Untold Story
OJ, Nicole & Ron & Dolly Pardon (first few minutes missing)
Olivia newton John/Hulk Hogan (Hulk has commercials)
Phil Hartman and Jon Benet Ramsey
Rebecca Schaffer
Stephen King Biography
The Beach Boys (with commercials)
The Curse of the Exorcist
The Curse of the Poltergeist (with commercials)
The Hilton Sisters-with commercials
The Last Days Of Sharon Tate (with commercials)
The Life and Death of Sam Kinison/Casey Anthony
The Osmond's - Pure & Simple
The Sopranos Documentary
The Three Stooges Biography
Three's Company
Wheel Of fortune/Biggest Scandals ever
Biography of Elizabeth Montgomery
Bill Clinton Documentary
Bill Clintons Rise to Power
Bewitched~ The Untold Story ~ 1 DVD
Best of Three's Company with Lucille Ball ~  1 DVD
Bonanza 960s Blooper ~(1 DVD)
Carol Burnett Lets Bump Up the Lights 2004
Carol Burnett ~ Reunion ~ 1 DVD
Who's the Boss E- Hollywood Story ~ 1 DVD

TV Show Specials etc. 

Cheers Cast on NBC Specials ~ 1 DVD
Cheers Interviews ~ 3 DVD
50's and 60's Classic TV Beer Commercials 2+ Hours ~ 1 DVD
Prison Break Seasons 1 - 4 Extras ~ 2 DVDs
1980's Commercials 4+ Hours ~ 1 DVD
1980's Saturday Mornings 221 Commercials 2+ Hours ~ 1 DVD
Classic Retro Snack, Food, Soft Drink and Beverage Commercials ~ 1 DVD
1 Hour of 1980's Christmas Commercials ~ 1 DVD
Vintage 1954 Ford, Car and Toy Commercials ~ 1 DVD
Commercials From  (50's, 60's & 70's) ~1 DVD
Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Passage Ep. 1-16 Webisodes ~ 1 DVD
Poverty Documentary ` 1 DVD